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Magical Explorer - Reborn as a Side Character in an Fantasy Dating Sim

There’s a legendary Bishoujo Game that has become popular among Japanese gentlemen. Its name is “ Magical★Explorer” or Magiero for short. The game’s protagonist has a cheat-like power with12 different beautiful heroines to flirt with, including additional 12 heroines from the DLC, a harem of 24 beauties. I have become that protagonist!………………Not. Instead, I have become the third-wheel character who always laughing like an idiot next to him. No heroine would lay their eyes on me. But now I couldn’t care less about the protagonist and his heroines. Why? Because I discovered magic. While I was using it, I have become interested in it. I want to master it. I want to become the strongest. Thus I have decided. I would abandon half my role as a protagonist’s friend to train my magic and then I would beat the hell out of that cheat who can solo the Demon King. ………..I was training with that thought in mind, but somehow I keep getting closer to the heroines, and I don’t know why I keep encountering events like I am some Eroge’s protagonist.
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